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More than 12 seats up for vote

Local voters will select party nominees for more than a dozen state and federal offices during Tuesday’s primary election. (16 secs ago)

Foundation grant to help trout group restore creeks

Trout can thank the La Crosse Community Found-ation for cleaner local streams. (33 secs ago)

More women face breast cancer risk

One in seven women will develop breast cancer if present health trends continue, experts have warned. A study found the risk to women who carry gene mutations which can lead to the disease has increased dramatically in the last 60 years. (35 secs ago)

French navy ship in Phuket with supplies for Burma

PHUKET : The French navy ship Mistral docked yesterday to unload thousands of tonnes of supplies for cyclone victims in Burma after the junta refused to let it enter the country. (2 mins ago)

Vitamin D doesn’t cut prostate cancer risk

WASHINGTON – VITAMIN D – the so-called sunshine vitamin – does not appear to cut a man’s risk of getting prostate cancer, researchers said on Tuesday. (10 secs ago)

Concerns over poor safety levels

AGRICULTURE Minister Brendan Smith told the D?il he is very concerned with the level of farm safety. (54 secs ago)

Nurse shares lessons learned from Thailand

Ask people for permission to touch them, especially if it’s above the shoulders. (2 mins ago)

Crist is key to McCain win in Florida

Billed as a relaxed gathering of pals amid Arizona’s scenic red hills, Friday’s barbecue at John McCain’s ranch was a high-pressure affair for one of its most important guests: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. (20 secs ago)

Thieves Have Gone High-tech — So Should You

Years ago identity thieves hit the gold mine by diving into dumpsters and finding people’s names and social security numbers. Today, getting “dirty” is no longer necessary to strike it big. (42 secs ago)

Police suspect alcohol, speed in fatal crash

Alcohol and speed may have been factors in the early Sunday morning crash that killed a 20-year-old Westland man and severely injured his fianc?&Copy;e, also 20, on Five Mile in Livonia. (1 min ago)