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UQ and Queensland Health join forces for mental health

UQ’s School of Social Work and Human Services and Queensland Health today announced a joint Chair in Mental Health at a ceremony iat the University’s St Lucia campus. (1 min ago)

Len Brown’s Letter To Manukau

There were times over the last three and a half months when I wondered if I would ever send another personal letter like this to the community which I love and which I am honoured to serve. I’m thankful that I have now returned to office. (53 secs ago)

Let’s clear our heads

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson went to Capitol Hill seeking $700 billion. He got an earful. (1 min ago)

White Rabbit Sweet Sales Halted In China In Tainted Milk Saga

BEIJING, Sept 26 — As more countries banned or recalled Chinese tainted dairy products, one of the country’s leading confectioners of White Rabbit brand candy, which is exported to 50 countries, stopped all domestic sales of the sweet on Friday. (1 min ago)

Jury Finds Teen Guilty In Killing Classmate

ORLANDO, Fla. — A jury on Wednesday convicted a South Florida teenager of first-degree murder in the 2004 stabbing death of his 14-year-old friend in a middle school bathroom. (46 secs ago)

Council staff set to strike again

Schools, ferries and rubbish collections will be hit as Scots council workers stage the second strike in two months. (25 secs ago)

NYC’s anti-smoking weapon: gross matchbook images

NEW YORK – Before New Yorkers light up, the city health department wants them to have a look at the ravaged lungs, rotting gums and large tumors smoking can cause. (2 mins ago)

India Today’s survey creates divided opinion in Mizoram

Aizawl, Sep 21 : Mizoram has been ranked among the top in the small states group across a range of key parameters like infrastructure, health, agriculture, investment, education and consumer markets, according to a survey. (1 min ago)

Should people opt for change in job after 5-7 years?

Have our efforts to popularise Hindi succeeded? Rohit Mahawar: On Jan 1965, under Article 342 of the Indian Constitution, Hindi got recognition as the second most spoken language in the world. More than 500 million people speak Hindi in India and abroad. (1 min ago)

China tainted milk scandal widens

BEIJING – China’s tainted milk scandal is growing. New tests performed by the nation’s quality watchdog have found melamine in liquid milk produced by 3 of the country’s leading dairy companies. (1 min ago)