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Obama’s Health Care Plan

One of the biggest indicators of our economy is health care. Now, President Obama is preparing to completely revamp the health care system across the country. (12 mins to go)

Central bankers urge move from stimulus to reform

AP:BASEL, Switzerland) The Bank for International Settlements urged governments Monday to move away from “staggering” stimulus packages as the global economy stabilizes and focus instead on reforming the international financial system. (13 mins to go)

Fish Dial-A-Ride joins in call for volunteers

A western Wayne County volunteer program is joining President Barack Obama’s national effort to engage more Americans in serving their communities this summer. (12 mins to go)

Jackson insisted promoter hire his cardiologist

LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson insisted that his concert promoter’s payroll include his personal physician, a financially troubled cardiologist who was with the entertainer just before he died. (11 mins to go)

MURRIETA: City celebrates turning 18

MURRIETA —- If you want to get Murrieta a present for turning 18 this year, a few canned goods and lottery tickets are the way to go. (12 mins to go)

Pandemic Usurps Seasonal Flu as Doctors Swab Noses

June 24 — Virus samples swabbed from noses and throats of flu sufferers across the Asia-Pacific streaming into Anne Kelso s Melbourne laboratory may hold clues about how virulent swine flu will be when it resurfaces in Europe and North America this year. (11 mins to go)

Cleanliness counts

People must keep their surroundings clean to stop the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. (12 mins to go)

Affording the Aussie press

In reply to History’s Greatest Gates : Affording the Aussie press the freedom to make podcasts is, IMO, going too far. If you must do this, transcript it, so we can read it in a lot less than 20 min. (12 mins to go)

Local Banks Show Improvement in Quarter

The fourth quarter of 2008 was brutal for state chartered banks in California. Return on assets, return on equity and net income dropped into the negative digits for many, and some banks accessed the Troubled Asset Relief Program in anticipation of things getting worse. (12 mins to go)

Abortion protesters charged with breaching Vancouver clinic ‘bubble zone’

Two people are facing charges after they were arrested for protesting outside a Vancouver abortion clinic on Friday. (12 mins to go)