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50 student athletes to watch, Part 4

It’s not hard to see where the high talent is going to come from for the coming high school sports seasons. (55 secs ago)

Minister wants varsity changes

Education Minister Blade Nzimande has said university curricula should become more “revolutionary” and less liberal in line with the country’s developmental needs. (1 min ago)

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital names chief executive

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital welcomed new Chief Executive Officer Mark Turner on Wednesday. (17 mins to go)

Under A Cloud: Darkness Linked To ‘brain Drain’ In Depressed People

A lack of sunlight is associated with reduced cognitive function among depressed people. Researchers used weather data from NASA satellites to measure sunlight exposure across the United States and linked this information to the prevalence of cognitive impairment in depressed people. (17 mins to go)

To do for you

Ketchum Community Blood Drive for the American Red Cross, 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the LDS Church on Sun Valley Road in Ketchum. Any healthy person age 17 or older and weighing at least 110 pounds may be eligible to donate blood. Valid identification is required for blood donations. (16 mins to go)

Health insurance fixed, on to rainy weekends

Connecticut is bankrupt, with a current budget deficit of a billion dollars or so and bigger deficits projected for future years, not to mention billions more in unfunded liabilities that haven’t even been formally acknowledged, and state government doesn’t even have an operating budget for the fiscal year already begun. (16 mins to go)

Anderson release sparks debate

Life should be mean life, according to the Sensible Sentencing Trust after learning of the release from psychiatric care of Raurimu massacre gunman Stephen Anderson. (16 mins to go)

Donnelly discusses health care

The cost of health care to taxpayers will be a deal-breaker as negotiations move forward, U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly said Friday. Donnelly, a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of 51 House Democrats, finds himself squarely in the middle of the crucial health-care debate. (16 mins to go)

FSU football locks up 10th commitment for 2010

The connection between Florida State and the state of Texas might just be enough to call it a pipeline these days. (16 mins to go)

Fire and police dispatch errors concern officials

By Cindy Swirko Staff writer A lack of training and quality assurance at Alachua County’s police and fire dispatch center has led to several incidents in which the lives of residents and officers were at risk, alleges the bureau commander who outlined the problems and is calling for action. (15 mins to go)