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Labor Plans Bill To Set Nhs Waiting Limits

Patients should have the right to free private care if they have to wait too long to see a National Health Service doctor, the British government says. (3 mins ago)

Westbrook still questionable for Eagles

With two starters ruled out and two others, including running back Brian Westbrook, listed as questionable, the Philadelphia Eagles go into their biggest game of the season with key health issues. (6 secs ago)

Early vaccine seekers sent to overflow site

STAFFORD High demand for the H1N1 vaccine has caused the Ocean County Health Department to set up an overflow site for a clinic scheduled for this afternoon. (29 secs ago)

School Defibrillators Fall Victim To Cuts

LITTLE ROCK Funding for a $1 million program to put defibrillators in every public school in the state has been scrapped, legislators learned Tuesday. (16 secs ago)

Is Nebraska on the rebound?

World-Herald News Service OMAHA – The Fed and most economists say the recovery is on, and here in the Midlands that raises a question. (47 secs ago)

Restoration honors society’s forgotten

In a tree-surrounded grassy hollow a half-mile from Collins Correctional Facility, volunteers have spent two years tapping the earth with plastic poles in search of square concrete slabs that sank out of sight long ago. (47 secs ago)

Major attacks in Iraq since Jan. 1

Major attacks in Iraq since Jan. 1, when a new U.S.-Iraqi security pact took effect: (38 secs ago)

New German coalition gets set for govt

Germany’s newly elected coalition is set for government after three weeks of tough negotiations. (2 mins ago)

For health, happiness

The Laguna Beach Animal Shelter and its fundraising arm, Protecting Unwanted Pets Laguna Beach, are celebrating their 30th year of partnership. (34 secs ago)

Small Business Boost?

According to the Feds, 97% of Arkansas businesses are small businesses. They have fewer than 500 employees. Wednesday, the President announced some sweeping new proposals to help the entrepreneurs who run them. (34 secs ago)