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What To Do About Health Insurance If You Don’t Have A Job

Obama’s health care reforms are making it easier for young adults to secure coverage. (2 days ago)

Some Recent Grads Face Health Care Coverage Gap

Despite a health care overhaul provision that allows young adults to stay on their parents’ health plans until age 26, many 20-somethings and their families are discovering that when that coverage begins varies. It creates what the new health care legislation was supposed to eradicate: health care haves and have-nots. (1 day ago)

Popular benefit of health-care law excludes military families

By the time Congress passed the national health-care overhaul, anxiety about it was so widespread that Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates issued a statement reassuring military families. The legislation, Gates said, “will not negatively impact the TRICARE medical insurance program” for members of the armed forces. (5 hours ago)

Obama administration asks judge to dismiss Virginia suit against health-care law

RICHMOND — The Obama administration asked a federal judge Monday to dismiss Virginia’s challenge of the health-care overhaul law, arguing that the state has no standing to sue over the law and that Congress’s power to regulate interstate trade makes the measure constitutional. Health care – United States – Virginia – Health – Politics (4 hours ago)

Health-care law faces test as regulators settle which plans must do what

Now that Congress has imposed new requirements on health insurance plans, regulators are trying to resolve another big question: Health law – United States – Health – Politics – Health Care Reform (4 hours ago)

Health cutback concern for elderly

Vulnerable elderly people may take risks to live alone in their own homes following cutbacks by district health boards, says an international care provider. (6 mins ago)

WHO agrees code to stem health care worker exodus

Health ministers sealed a rare global accord Friday to avoid recruiting doctors and nurses from poor countries where there is an acute shortage of medical staff. (8 hours ago)

Kidnapped Russian sailors in good health, Mend says

A Russian captain and chief engineer abducted by armed men from a ship moored off Cameroon’s coast are in good health, Nigeria’s main armed militant group in the Niger Delta said on Thursday. (7 hours ago)

Can Health Care Save Detroit?

The U.S. auto industry may be showing some signs of life, but civic leaders in Detroit are looking to another sector to revive the Motor City: the health care industry. A deal to buy the city’s largest health system would mean $850 million in improvements and 10,000 new jobs. (2 hours ago)

Prince George’s, Md., health-care system remains unsold

A special panel in charge of finding a company to take over Prince George’s County’s ailing health-care system has been unable to complete a sale of the system after a two-year search, according to sources familiar with the deliberations. Prince George – United States – Maryland – Counties – Arts and Entertainment (2 hours ago)