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DA forms new unit to combat revenue crimes

In an effort to bolster the investigation and prosecution of individuals and businesses that deliberately ignore taxes associated with legal and illegal activities, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown last week announced the formation of the Crimes Against Revenue Unit. (50 secs ago)

Mold still plaguing students at complex near UCF

An apartment complex near University of Central Florida with a history of mold problems has again become the target of complaints from students who say they are suffering health problems they think are related to poor indoor air quality. (26 mins ago)

Mixed fortunes

There’s more to a good marriage than an auspicious wedding date.Destiny consultants say that birth data can reveal a couple’s character, luck, compatibility and more.

Indiana lawmakers OK broadest voucher plan in U.S.

Passage is victory for Daniels’ education reform efforts, allowing even middle-class families to use taxpayer funds to send kids to private schools. (24 secs ago)

Robert W. Fogel Investigates Human Evolution

A Nobel-winning economist and his colleagues track the startlingly fast changes in human height and longevity since 1700. (3 mins ago)

Church respects RH bill supporters, says bishop

Archbishop Aniceto said Church leaders meant no disrespect to President Benigno Aquino III and his position about the RH Bill. (29 secs ago)

Tuberculosis remains a major challenge for Bay Area public health departments

While TB cases have been decreasing in the U.S. and in California, Santa Clara County’s has remained nearly the same over the past three years. (2 mins ago)

SARAH’s House aids children; Kids’ Fun Night aids SARAH’s House

KEYSER – Amber Talley, program director for SARAH’s House (Sexual Abuse Response And Help), was the guest speaker at a recent Mineral County Family Resource Network meeting, and she gave data on the child advocacy center. (2 mins ago)

Latest version of Pill ‘three times more likely to cause blood clots’

WOMEN taking third generation contraceptive pills are up to three times more likely to suffer a blood clot than those using older varieties, according to research released tod (47 secs ago)

Grandsons may be affected by old pregnancy drug

NEW YORK – Four decades after doctors realized that a drug called DES – used to prevent pregnancy complications – had devastating consequences for babies, a new study finds those effects may be reverberating into the third generation. (41 secs ago)