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Chiefs will get a massive boost from Sonny Bill

It’s good to see Sonny Bill Williams is staying in New Zealand. And it’s just as good to see him going to play for the Chiefs.

Reformed skinhead endures agony to remove tattoos

Julie Widner was terrified _ afraid her husband would do something reckless, even disfigure himself.

Airstrike Kills 5 Militants In Gaza, Israel Says

The military said it targeted the Islamic Jihad group, which it says was responsible for recent rocket attacks on Israel. Islamic Jihad took responsibility for firing more rockets a few hours later, injuring one Israeli.

Vancouver Island residents mourn teen suicides

Students, teachers, parents and concerned citizens from across the Comox Valley are grappling with the loss of another teenager to suicide.

Researchers find more clues to causes of breast cancer

Publishing in the current issue of The Journal of Biological Chemistry , researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla., have discovered additional mechanisms of “Akt” activation and suggest a component of that activation mechanism inhibitor of nuclear factor kappa-B kinase subunit epsilon could be targeted as a therapeutic intervention for treating cancer.

Study Compares U.s., Eu Health Care Privacy Laws

Electronic health records can potentially save billions of dollars in health care costs and increase patient safety, but have considerable risks to individual privacy in the United States, more so than the European Union.

WB’s Zoellick visits, seeks first-hand view of reforms

World Bank Group president Robert B. Zoellick arrived yesterday for a visit aimed at strengthening the bank’s partnership with the country as it pursues reforms for good governance and to overcome poverty.

Michael Brenner: That Primary Thing

Anyone petitioning to appear on the ballot must pass a 6th grade Social Studies test: Sample questions: identify on a map all places where the United States currently is at war.

Congress urges pro-Telangana protestors to end stir

The Congress Sunday appealed to the leaders of the pro-Telangana agitation in Andhra Pradesh to call off their stir for a separate state in view of the hardships being faced by people during the festive season.

State Confirms First Flu Case Of Season

State health officials are encouraging people to get their flu shots after Wisconsin’s first influenza case of the season was confirmed.