Eldridge Fire Displaces Family

A house fire in Eldridge has left one family without a home for the holidays. It happened Thursday night at 9PM on the 2800 block of South Scott Park Road in Eldridge. Four people were inside at the time,

Sunita Narain: The environmental cost of diesel subsidy

Consider this. Every time petrol prices rise, oil companies end up losing more money. How? The price differential between petrol and diesel increases further; people start buying diesel-powered vehicles so oil firms bleed more. Even worse, we all bleed because dieselisation adds to toxic pollution in our cities. This, in turn, adds to the health burden and costs.

Wyoming remembers 8 students killed 10 years ago

The people of Wyoming were still coming to grips with the unthinkable events of Sept. 11, 2001, when another tragedy hit and rattled the state to the core. Five days after the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked, eight members of the University of Wyoming cross country team were killed when their SUV was hit by a truck driven by a fellow student, who was driving drunk.